GOD is POP /// by Stéphane Guillerme

GOD is POP      ///       by Stéphane Guillerme

India under the skin 2015 ( EBOOK )




 Six years have been necessary to gather the informations and knowledge needed to create my new book on the art of tattooing all over India, and what it tells about the national culture.

It is the first time I decide to auto-produce one of my book all the way to this Ebook. Nevertheless I start looking for a publisher for the paper version. I will let you know more whenever I will know more myself.


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This 142 pages Ebook is available on these two websites.


This book presents the different worlds of the art of tattooing all over India. Tribal tattooing, street tattooing and modern urban tattooing, "India under the skin" scans the various types of these inking practices. Here, below, is presented a few double-pages taken from the Ebook that will give you a taste of it.






003 MAPS EBOOK.jpg

Places mentioned in the book.




004 Préface 1 EBOOK.jpg


First part of the preface written by the legendary doctor Kohiyar. Mumbai 2015




006 Intro 1 EBOOK.jpg


First part of the Intro




008 Sommaire 1 EBOOK.jpg


009 Sommaire 2 EBOOK.jpg






A few double-pages taken from the chapter "Tribal"



014 sujet tribal Orissa lotus EBOOK.jpg





023 sujet tribal Ramnamis EBOOK.jpg





032 sujet tribal Tattoo culture Gujarat EBOOK.jpg





A few double-page taken from the chapter "Street"



050 sujet mela Ayodhya Prasad EBOOK.jpg





055 sujet mela Street tattooists & his flashes EBOOK.jpg





068 sujet mela Beneshwar mela.jpg





A few double-pages from the chapter "Urban".



083 sujet urban Doctor Kohiyar EBOOK.jpg





085 sujet urban Manjeet & Lokesh EBOOK.jpg





095 sujet urban Open air tattoo parlour Delhi EBOOK.jpg






21st of February 2010 / Hindustan Times / Mumbai

At the end of my second trip focused on tattooing, I got interviewed by the Hindustan Times.





During last December, while passing in Eastern Madhya Pradesh, I got to meet a family of traditional tattooers. I interviewed them and as it wasn't the tattooing season, I had to get myself a tattoo on the left ankle to see and picture all the process. For 3 weeks my foot was swollen and paintful, and totally black. I was worrying a bit with the ideas of gangrene and amputation. After 10 days, when the tattooers saw my ankle, called right afterwards the "shaman" of the village who came and prayed to my foot. Finally it ended up well. I still have my foot and a nice story to tell :)






The preface of "India under the skin" has been written by the legendary doctor Kohiyar, father of modern tattooing. In 2009 I visited and interviewed him in his medical cabinet situated in the area of Fort - Mumbai. This day it was his third main student who was holding the machine, Krishna.



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